Secrets and Lies
Review: Secrets and Lies
Kyle reviews the new ABC drama "Secrets and Lies" which airs on Sunday nights
He will tell you if this show is worth adding to your DVR or not.
Disney Springs
Construction Update
Disney Spring / Downtown Disney Update
Jeremiah provides us with an update on the work being done to convert Downtown Disney
As it transitions into Disney Springs, see all the latest construction happening.
Walt's Oscar
Winning Shorts
Wednesdays with Walt: Oscar Winning Shorts
With the Oscars recently being held in Hollywood, Roger reports on a presentation held at Disneyland

On Walt's Academy Award winning shorts. Do you have a favorite?
Van Eaton Galleries Disneyland Auction
Jeff reports from the Van Eaton Galleries Disneyland Auction which features an array of items
Would you like to add any of these Disneyland artifacts to your collection?
Interview With
Ryan Potter
Interview with Big Hero 6's Ryan Potter
As Big Hero 6 comes to Blu-Ray we chat with the voice of Hiro, Ryan Potter
Read about the pride he takes in the role and the legacy he hopes he will leave
Glenn Keane:
From Disney to Duet
Glenn Keane: From Disney to Duet
Robert reports from the Walt Disney Family Museum where Glenn Keane recently held a presentation
He discussed his career ranging from his time at Disney to his latest project, Duet
Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray Review
Following Big Hero 6's win at the Oscars for Best Animated Feature
Alex reviews the film's Blu-Ray release. Will you own this Oscar winner?
LP Podcast:
Porte Cochere
Laughing Place Podcast #227: Porte Cochere
This week the LPP crew discuss Disney’s Diamond Celebration announcement,
Disney’s stellar earnings report, Star Wars, Marvel, Fresh Off the Boat, and more.
Disneyland Diamond
Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Announcement
Doug shares pictures and videos from the announcement of Disneyland's Diamond Celebration
Which aspect of the celebration are you most excited about?
Complete List of
Oddie Nominations
2015 Oddie Nominations
From best film to biggest disappointment, Laughing Place is pleased to present
the complete nomination list for our very first Oddie Awards!

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a piece of real Disneyland history? Well, now may just be your chance. Van Eaton Galleries located at...

As Big Hero 6 hits Blu-Ray, we catch up with Ryan Potter, the voice of Hiro, about his role in the film and the legacy of his work.

The DVD release of Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy offers nearly 2-hours of content and a color-changing necklace for your little princess.

I was honored to be in the presence of Walt Disney Animation Studios legend, Glen Keane, at an event hosted by the Walt Disney...

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